Twitter My Yahoo, I’ll Google On Your Facebook

Moonlighting as a wannabe rapper is a tough job. Not to mention that besides working my day job,¬†driving to meetings, writing lyrics and producing music I now have to keep up with social media. For my design company, I have 26 social media accounts (I know). For my music I’m approaching 10. Which is to me, considered actual work as opposed to fun. There are some sites really like, Sound Cloud being one of those. Others, like Last.FM or Bandcamp do absolutely nothing for me.

Bandcamp, in my opinion, is one of the worst. It has a horrible user interface, looks ugly and provides little in the way of networking options. The networking claim could be made of Last.FM as well, but I’ve actually gotten some hits off of that. Not anything overwhelming, I’m still coordinating my efforts and trying to figure out the best way to get out there with social media. Hopefully I’ll have a website up by the beginning of the year, to coincide with the release of the EP.

I mentioned that EP right?

I know I did, but I’m going to be shamelessly promoting it in the coming months when it starts to get close to being finished. I can’t say exactly how long it’s going to be until I finish it, just that I do plan on finishing it.

I’d like to pick up the pace and get working on it more often. As I said though, moonlighting as a rapper is no joke. If I start making good music sometime soon, maybe I won’t have to moonlight. I do like writing when the sun comes up.

Since I haven’t updated:

Put the track “Shoot For Oblivion” on YouTube:

Finished my monome:

If you don’t know what a monome is, then you have to check it out. What they (specifically the “grid” as seen in the video) are is minimal interfaces that run on free open source software.

The fully assembled monomes are released in limited editions every so ofte. They come in 64, 128 and 256 button versions. Check their website for release dates, they’ll let you know a few months in advance. That is of course, if you’re willing to spend $500 for a 64 button (8×8) grid version. Me, being the impatient person I am, managed to snag a “40h Kit” on eBay around 9-months ago. It didn’t come with a case or anything, only the components required to assemble a working monome. I’ve never been much of a DIY’er but after that experience I’ve started to do more and more DIY work with audio gear.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a monome, you can always build an arduinome¬†if you’re itching to source out some parts and custom PCB boards! The beauty of monome is the fact they’ve posted a complete list of parts and assembly instructions for their devices. They’re not the slightest bit hostile towards arduinome projects either, in fact they have a whole section of their forum dedicated to the clone. Great community over there, if you’re a DIY’er, an music geek or just curious go take a look.

Enough of my rambling.

– OneTwenty