Who’s OneTwenty?

In short, me. I’m a hip-hop producer and rapper from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’m sure it says that somewhere else on here already, but I just wanted to re-iterate that. I’ve been making hip-hop for about two years, and I’ve been writing lyrics/poetry/rhymes for almost six years at this point. I grew up on the awesome underground hip-hop scene in the Twin Cities. The first concert I ever attended was the all-ages CD release party for Eyedea (R.I.P.) & Abilities record E&A. I remember the lineup being somewhere along the lines of Kanser, P.O.S. (back when he had dreadlocks), Carnage, Eyedea & Abilities and a whole slew of others. From that night on I was hooked on hip-hop. I wanted to do what they did, so I started writing. In high school I was in a band called Ithaca – even though we made music at around 170BPM half the time, we still made something that was unique and different. It also gave me the opportunity to play at venues all over Minneapolis, like the Varsity Theater, The Dinkytowner, and Station-4.

There have been times in the past where I’ve strayed from hip-hop. I’ve had brief affairs with genres like pop, indie, hardcore, dubstep and drum and bass. However, I always come back to hip-hop, because it really is my music. Not that I’m not a well rounded listener and music fan, because I still listen to a lot of different music. I think that’s a good thing, it makes me a better producer and a more aware musician. Hip-Hop will always be my soul mate (I really promise this time).

Do You Always Talk This Much?



Yes, really.

How Can I Connect With You?

I don’t feel like I can connect with a headline. . . but for people who are interested in some content check the following:

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