Nice to Meet You.

Hey there.

I’m OneTwenty, a rapper/producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’m not signed or even remotely known as an artist, as far as I know. I thought I’d start this blog to share my struggles with everyone, along with the occasional rant, beat, poem or story. Being a musician has always been my dream, right now I’m supporting my music by doing freelance graphic design. Although I love graphic design (and I’m not bad at it), I’ve wanted to be a musician since I was in the 6th grade. I unsuccessfully tried to start a pop-punk band with a few of my friends. I actually was in a band for awhile, we were semi-successful and I’ve never had more fun in my life. Constantly traveling around and playing shows at places like the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis or the (no longer open) Dinkytowner Cafe. We recorded a four song EP before everyone went off to college. Since then I’ve struggled trying to find an outlet for my ability (I think I’m okay at what I do). I’d really like to find a mentor, someone who could help me along, maybe I’ll find some luck with that in the future.

Enough about me, how about some music?

Check out my latest track, right now it’s just an instrumental, I’m working on the lyrics. I’ve tentatively titled it “Blood” because of a hook I came up with recently that I believe I’m going to use. I tried to go for a “LoFi” sound with this track, I’m hoping I accomplished that. Feedback is appreciated, either on my SoundCloud or right here.

Stay tuned for the vox to get tracked!